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Getting Started: Invoicing

With this guide we will get to create your first invoice quickly and easily.

It is normal that the first time you use a system you may feel lost, but do not worry, our simple tutorials and spectacular support team will assist you in every step until using Fygaro is an instinct.

Before you can invoice, it is important to have your Fygaro account. If you don't have a Fygaro account yet, click here to create one or click here to go to the tutorial.

Users from Costa Rica: If you need help to activate Electronic Billing once the account is created, please contact our support team for assistance or check or Spanish tutorial.

Once your account is open and ready to bill, we can follow the steps to create your first bill:

**Create your first product**
**Create your first client**
**Issue your first invoice**

Ready to keep going? Check out all our tutorials here!

Updated on: 03/25/2024

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