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Getting Started: Web Store

You created your Fygaro account, now it is time to launch your website.

Fygaro will help you sell online easily and effectively with several tools that adapt to your business. The 2 main tools for online sales are: Payment buttons and websites.

Important: Before you can receive card payments it is important to have a way to receive the funds. For this, you will need to have an account with a local bank or another provider such as Credix and PayPal.

If you still don't have a way to receive funds, click on the following link for our team to assist you with the opening process: Request eCommerce Services.

Website - Fygaro Shops

If what you are looking for is to have a website with an online store, Fygaro Shops is the ideal solution to take your online sales to the next level.

Shops allows you to create a personalized website, automatically synchronized with Fygaro product and inventory information, as well as invoicing, and all without needing to code or know complex technical matters.

Some features of Shops that will be useful to your business are:

-Categories and Sub-categories to organize your products.

-Pre-integrated and customizable discount coupons for your sales.

-Automated invoicing and inventory.

-100% secure and in line with the PCI-DSS standard

In addition, Shops is flexible so you can create different pages or sections (the most common are "Home", "About", "Frequently Asked Questions" as well as any other that your company needs today or in the future).

Each section or page, you can customize it to your liking (with your photos, texts, and build it to measure), and build upon it like a block system (one element on top of the other, which will mimic the order in which things appear on your actual site).

To activate your online store, the process is extremely fast. Click on this link where you will find the steps to follow to do so.

If you have a registered web address (something like for example), you already have the first step ready and you can use it with your Fygaro Shop.

If you don't have it yet, don't worry! Our team will help you get a free sub-domain or register a custom domain.

Updated on: 03/25/2024

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