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Create an Invoice

Issue a 1 time invoice to your customers

Step 1.

From your Fygaro dashboard select "Invoicing".

Step 2.

Click on the «+» sign to create a new invoice.

Step 3.

Choose a client.
Choose a currency and billing group (optional).
Add products and services, if needed update pricing, quantity and description.
Include any applicable taxes and discounts.
Optionally include Internal or External notes..

Step 4.

*Click on "Save" or "Save and Send" to create the invoice.

Save: will record the invoice and create it in Fygaro.

Save and Send: will create the invoice in Fygaro and send via email to the customer.

For Costa Rica: both actions will also send to Hacienda when Electronic Billing is Active.

Updated on: 03/13/2023

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