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Getting Started: Payment Buttons

You created your Fygaro account, now it is time to sell online.

Fygaro will help you sell online easily and effectively with several tools that adapt to your business. The 2 main tools for online sales are: Payment buttons and websites.

Important: Before you can receive card payments it is important to have a way to receive the funds. For this, you will need to have an account with a local bank or another provider such as Credix and PayPal.

If you still don't have a way to receive funds, click on the following link for our team to assist you with the opening process: Request eCommerce Services.

Payment Buttons

Payment buttons are an excellent way to sell online without the need for a website (or an existing one), they allow you to receive payments in a super efficient way, in a flexible way according to the way you work and in a matter of minutes.

At Fygaro, we offer you 3 types of payment buttons:

Custom: Our most flexible button of all. You can define a fixed amount that your client must pay (you can create as many as you need) or the open type in which your client chooses the amount to pay. Create your first custom button by following the steps in this link.
Product: A micro-site automatically created with your logo and the information and images of your products or services, so that you can sell through any social network or even WhatsApp with just a couple of clicks.
-If you have not yet registered your products in Fygaro, start creating the first one. If you need help, click on this link where you can find the steps to follow.
Invoice: Included in your invoices is a special button so that your client can pay from wherever they are. You can even create a special link to share via WhatsApp or other external system. These buttons are automatically included if you have an active way to receive payments (for example a Gateway or PayPal).

If you distribute Digital Goods (like Virtual Classes, Videos, other), our Product Payment Button can handle the digital delivery automatically upon payment confirmation.

If you need to connect your logistics provides (DHL Express, Correos de Costa Rica, etc) you can use this tutorial here, or setup your custom shipping rates.

Updated on: 03/25/2024

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