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Link options to a product

If you sell products with variants or options, this is how you can set them up.

You have already created the options or variables of your products or services that you have available, now you must associate them with each item by following these steps:

Open the Products and Services module
Select the product that you want to modify.
In the product screen, look for the "Product Options" section

Click on the "Add Option" button.
In the window that opens, select from the available options. Repeat this step for up to 2 options per product.

Once the options have been selected, click on "Select" and verify that the system shows the selected options:

Now it is time to customize the available versions for each option available for this product. For this, look for the section titled "Product Version" and click on "Add Version".
In the screen the opens, choose a combination from the dropdown options (Size and Color, or just color/size) and complete the information below (Code, Price, Weight) and click on "Edit" when ready. Repeat this step for each available version needed.

To save all the options and versions , click on "Save".

Updated on: 10/24/2023

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