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Create Recurring Invoices

Automate your invoicing and accounts receivable with Recurring Invoices from Fygaro

Create Recurring Invoices

Step 1.

From your Fygaro Dashboard, navigate to the Invoice section.

Step 2.

Select the “Recurring Invoices” tab on the left menu (if on mobile, the menu will appear on the bottom of the screen).

Step 3.

Using the “+” sign, create a new invoice as shown on the How to create an invoice tutorial.

Step 4.

Under the invoice number, open the tab “Recurring”.

Step 5.

Choose the recurrence frequency and then choose the preferred date and next issuing date (most be today, or a future date).

Step 6.

Save your invoice and done!

In case you have online payments active, your customer will receive an invoice via email where they will have the option to record a card on file for automatic payments.

Next Issuing Date: means when the next invoice will be issued (including the first issue date). This field will auto update every time an invoice is issued.

Last Issuing Date: no invoice will be generated after that date.

Updated on: 01/17/2024

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