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Activate Fygaro Shops

Activate a web store in less than 5 minutes without coding.

To create a virtual Fygaro Shop, the process is very simple. Once you have registered in Fygaro (see tutorial) from your Dashboard click on "Websites".

Step 1: Select your domain (URL) for the website. We provide 3 options:

Use a free sub-domain from Fygaro that will look like (it can be an alphanumeric word without spaces or special characters).
Use a custom domain you have already registered with another provider (Setup an existing )
Register a new domain with Fygaro: contact

Once you select the domain option, click on 'Activate Shops' to continue.

Now select the template you will like to use, you can click on the example thumbnails to expand the preview (you can change templates at any time without losing your data):

When ready click on "Select this template" next to the design of your choosing.

Now confirm the selection by pressing on the "Create Site" button.

¡You are ready! Now you can start customizing your site and loading your texts and images. If you need assistance, just reach out to our team who can gladly help you.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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