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WooCommerce Plugin

##Enable the Fygaro payment gateway in WooCommerce and automate your sales.

Important: This plugin requires a Plugin, Pro or Advanced plan.

Step 1. Create Credentials in Fygaro

In your Fygaro account, go to "Settings" > "API Credentials" > "Generate New".

Secret Access Keys are, as their name implies, secret, just like your password. For your own security, Fygaro does not reveal your password to it if you forget it (you would have to set a new password). Similarly, Fygaro does not allow the retrieval of a secret access key after its initial creation.

Therefore, it is important that you download the generated file with your Public and Secret Key for future reference and use.

Step 2. Setup the Payment Button

From your Fygaro account, go back to the main screen and go to "Payment Buttons" and select "Plugin Button".

Fill in the Hook URL:

Wordpress / WooCommerce: Enter your Wordpress website address and add ?wc-api=fgwcb_webhook at the end or the address

The address will look like the example below:

3). Click "Activate Checkout" to save.
4). Copy the link that is shown on the screen by clicking "Copy to Clipboard" (You can save it in a work document to use later)

Step 3. Configure Plugin in Wordpress

1) Login to the administrator of your Wordpress site.
2). Select "Plugins" > "Add New" > Search for the "Fygaro" plugin or download it here:
3). Locate the Fygaro plugin and click on Install.
4). Once installed, from the menu select "WooCommerce" > "Settings"
5). Select the "Payments" tab.
6). Power on the Fygaro Gateway and click Setup or Manage.
7). Fill in the Public Key and Private Key fields with the data downloaded in Step 1.
8). Fill in the "Button URL" field with the link obtained in Step 2.
9). Click on "Save Settings"

Done, your Wordpress website is ready to accept payments with Fygaro.

Updated on: 10/24/2023

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