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Fygaro Links (Payment Buttons)

Create payment buttons

Our new Fygaro Links experience allows you new options to easily close more sales.

Start create a payment button on your Fygaro account, by simply selecting the "Payment Buttons" option on the left menu and then click over "+ Create":

In the provided fields, enter a button name (this wont be shown to your customers), select a currency, and choose a button type:

Amount: will let you specify a fixed amount, and even ask for gratuity/tips from your customers on Social Media, Chats, Web Sites, and more.

Product: sell 1 or more of your products, services, and digital goods on Social Media, Chats, Web Sites, and more.

Variable Amount: allow your customers to pay a custom amount on Social Media, Chats, Web Sites, and more; or use it for integrating your custom build or external system.

Upon successful completion of a payment with any payment button, an email will be sent to both you and your customer confirming the "payment" (invoices are only generated for the Product option).

If you are looking for advanced capabilities, click on "Show advance options" to display them.

When ready click on "Save" to record your preferences.

Once you have completing setting up your payment button, you will want to share it with your clients. Fygaro makes it easy for you to share with 1 click on multiple platforms or generating a QR Code to print and show in store.

Looking for our API to integrate Fygaro Links with your system or platform: view documentation here

Updated on: 01/11/2024

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