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Fygaro Links: Integration (API)

If you would like to integrate Fygaro´s payment capabilities into your platform, we offer 2 options on how to pass information over to the Fygaro Links checkout.

Option 1: Pre-fill the fields (to allow customer to update them):

Structure [button url] + ?amount=“10.00”After amount=  you can enter the URL encode amount with up to 2 decimals.

After client_note= you can enter a URL encoded text to be registered with the payment.

After client_reference= you can enter a URL encoded text to be registered with the payment.

Option 2: Use Json Web Tokens (JWT) to construct a payment button that cannot be modified by your customer.

The fields in bold can be customized by you or your program.

The JWT features are only available on the Pro plan (Fygaro Links / Shops) or above**

Structure: [button url] + ?jwt=[jwt_code]

The Header section must contain:

{"alg": "HS256","typ": "JWT","kid": "Your-Key"}

The Payload section can contain any of the following (optional):

{"amount": "100.01","currency": "USD","custom_reference": "001","exp": "UnixTimestamp","nbf" : "UnixTimestamp"}

The Signature section must contain your Secret Key:

HMACSHA256( base64UrlEncode(header) + "." + base64UrlEncode(payload), Your-Fygaro-Secret)

You might also be interested in setting up a Hook to have your system updated upon successful payment: Go to tutorial

If you need help creating your JWT, please visit for more information

API Credentials: to obtain your API Key and Secret, you must enter "Settings"> "API Credentials"> "Generate New".

Secret access keys are, as their name implies, secret, just like your password. For your own security, Fygaro does not reveal your password if you forgot it (you would have to set a new password). Similarly, Fygaro does not allow the recovery of a secret access key after its initial creation.

Therefore, it is important that you download the file generated with your Public and Secret Key for future reference and use.

To revoke a lost key, just go to "Settings"> "API Credentials" and click on the red "X" next to your public key.

Updated on: 01/10/2024

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