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Update Hacienda Credentials

Are your Electronic Invoices rejected due to expired credentials? Follow this steps to update them:

The cryptographic key , its  provided  by Hacienda, and it will be expired in two years.
Sometimes for security you will need to repeal it and create a new one.

In order to obtain the Cryptographic Key, you have to visit  ATV from Hacienda.

Repeal existing Key (certificate )

(if its  your first time getting the credentials please scroll down and  go to: Generate new Key/certificate)

Login with your user and password  and select the person or society you would like to administrate. 

Step 1. Place the cursor on  "Comprobantes Electrónicos" on the higher menu.
Step 2. Place the cursor on "Llave Criptográfica de Producción"
Step 3. Please click on "Revocar llave criptográfica en produc."

Step 4. On the new window it will show a "aceptar button " (please check the example) and click on "Aceptar".

Generate new Key (certificate)

Paso 1. Please click on the option  “Comprobantes Electrónicos” its located on the main  bar  and then go to   “Llave Criptográfica de Producción” and click on  “Generar llave criptográfica en producción”.

Step 2. On the next step you will see a Box , there you will have to complete the section 1 and 2.

The PIN  you are going to create it will be necessary on the next steps, please keep it.

Step 3. Click on the button  “Generar” on the  3 section , it will change to “Procesando”, then you will get the section  4, to continue, please click on the button   “Descargar” and then  “Acepte”. 

A document will be download in your computer (with the extension ".p12") it will be necessary on the next step.

Synchronize with Fygaro

Now that you already have your new or first certificate  you have to update ir or add it on Fygaro,  please go to : Settings >  Electronic invoice >  Electronic Invoice settings.  

Step 1. Click on  "Selection    +" Under the title name   "cryptographic Key".

Step 2.  Search the Document download on the step 3 with the extension ".P2"

Step 3. add the  PIN that was generated on the step  2 of the last section , with the title  "PIN".
Paso 4. click   "Save  " is located  the inferior part on the right part.  

If everything went through   the system will show you a green check 😀

To make sure all was correctly activated you would need to issue a real invoice.

Updated on: 03/13/2023

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