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Custom Shipping Rates

Offer shipping options tailored to your business. From domestic to international or curb side pickup. This is how you can set it up:

The custom shipping rates feature allows you to set up shipping services and pricing terms to suit your business.

To start, we need to access the Settings module:

Once in settings, select "eCommerce & Payment Settings" and then search for "Custom Shipping Rates" and click on "Manage Rates":

Now we must create. shipping "Zones". Each zone can be a set of countries (such as "Central America") or they can be provinces of the same country ("Interior of the country"), or the desired combination.

To start we click on ''Create''.

In point 1, we will give the area a name, to help us identify it later; and we will click on point 2 to select all the countries we want to include.

Once the country is included, in point 1 we can specify the provinces or states that we want to include (for example "Panama City" and "David") or we can leave it unselected to include 100% of the country.

In point two we can add other countries to this area; We can repeat the process as many times as necessary.

When we are ready, we click on "Save" (point 3)

Now, we reopen the created area and select "Add Services" to enter the shipping options and rules to this destination.

We start by giving a name to the service (for example Express), include the name of the provider (for example My Brand), the estimated transit time (days that delivery takes), the currency and price of the service (can be 0 for free ).

At the bottom we select the conditions:

1). By Price: the total of the order must be within the minimum / maximum range entered.

2). By Weight: the total of the order must be within the minimum / maximum range entered.

3). No condition: always displayed.

Once ready, we save it and we can repeat the process until we have configured all the options.

If you make a mistake don't worry you can come back at any time and update the data or remove the options.

Updated on: 01/12/2024

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