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Create product categories

Organize your products and allow your customer to filter them on the website.

Step 1. To create a Category for your Products and Services go into the ''Products and Services'' module**.** 

Step 2. Click on the ''Categories" option on the left side navigation

Step 3. Click on ''Create'' or on the ''+'' on the top right corner

Step 4. Type in the category name and description and then press on save.

If you want it to appear as a filter in your store with Fygaro Shops, check the option "Show on Website" so that it indicates "Yes" before saving.

Sub Categories: To add sub levels, select the option "Add Subcategory". When you click, a text field will be displayed where you can enter the name of the subcategory:

Repeat the process to enter all the necessary subcategories and click "Save" when ready.

Updated on: 03/13/2023

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