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Create Credit and Debit notes

If using Electronic Invoicing in Costa Rica, this is how to automatically generate Credit and Debit notes:

With Fygaro you can generate smart credit and debit notes, following the steps below:

STEP # 1: In your initial panel, enter the Invoicing module and select the invoice you wish to modify.

STEP # 2: Decide if you want to completely cancel the business transaction or if you just want to modify it.

       To CANCEL the invoice, select the button marked in red and Fygaro will automatically create the corresponding credit note.

       To MODIFY the invoice, you can make changes so that the total amount increases or decreases, and then press the "Save" or "Save and Send to Customer" button:

When increasing it, either adding products / taxes, or increasing the price, Fygaro will automatically generate the corresponding debit notes.

By decreasing it (returning products, adding discounts or reducing the price), Fygaro will create the credit note automatically.

The system is also responsible for sending all the information to both the Treasury and the customer's email, in case it is registered.

And you can view / download all documents by selecting the "Electronic Documents (XMLs)" button.

Updated on: 03/13/2023

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