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Change Invoice Consecutive

Consecutive allow you to keep invoicing in order and make them unique. If changing from another system, this is how to update Fygaro to continue with the next consecutive:

If you were using another Electronic Invoicing system, you can update your consecutive and continue with Fygaro easily by following these instructions:

From the Dashboard, enter  «Settings»  and then select «Billing». (If you had already logged in, you can click here.)

On the screen you will find a title “Billing Groups” where the first field will be empty and the second will have a number.

Update the number field to be the same number than that of your last invoice issued. That is, if the last invoice issued is 124, place 124 in this space.

The same process can be repeated for Electronic Ticket and Export Invoices.

When you are ready, click on Save to apply your changes.

Updated on: 03/13/2023

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