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Switch between Fygaro Businesses

When you have multiple Fygaro businesses under the same User (or email address), you can navigate between them after you log in to Fygaro with your email and password.

**Keep track of multiple businesses**

The “My Businesses” screen contains all the Fygaro Businesses where you have access with the same email address.

Note: the “My Businesses” section only contains Active and Suspended Accounts. If you request to re-activate a cancelled account, once activate it will show again in your “My Businesses” section.

**Assign different permissions to users in a different business**

Account permissions and other account settings are specific to a Business.

When you change or reset your password, your login to every Business linked to that email address is updated. If you use a separate login for each Business, then when you change or reset your password, only your login for that store is updated.

Your roles are set and maintained in each Business. You can assign different roles to team members depending upon what they need to do in a Business. For example, you could grant staff the permission to edit products in Business A, but not in Business B.

Updated on: 03/13/2023

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