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How to process a refund (Gateway)

If you need to refund a transaction to a credit or debit card, follow this easy steps:

If you received a payment via our gateway integration and need to process a Refund from Fygaro, you just need to follow these easy steps:

Some banks might have a 45 day restriction for refunds. If the original transaction was over 45 days ago and the attempt failed, please contact for assistance (include the original transaction date in your request).

**Option 1: Invoices**

Open the invoice where the payment was recorded.
Scroll down to the Payments section and click on transaction needing refund.

On the pop out window, mark the "Refund this Payment on Invoice Save" checkbox.

Then click on "Confirm"

Select “Save” in the Actions part of the invoice.

From your Fygaro Dashboard navigate to the "Payments" module
2.Select the transaction needing refund.
3.On the new window, click the red "Refund this Payment" button.

Partial refunds (Subject to availability)

If you need to refund only part of the captured amount, you will be able (subject to availability) to select the advanced option "Partial Refund".

Simply enter the amount to be refunded (if left empty a full refund will be issued), and when ready click on the red "Refund" button.

And that’s it! It is important to be aware that the money will take some days to be reflected in the customer account.

Partial refunds are not available for all accounts, contact support to confirm if you have access to this feature.

Fygaro submits refunds requests to your bank as soon as you process it. Depending on the bank’s processing times, it can take anywhere from 5-10 business days to show up on your customer’s bank account.

Additional Information
In some cases, the refund might be processed as a reversal meaning the original payment will disappear from the account statement entirely and the balance will reflect as though the charge never occurred.

If your customer does not see the refund after ten business days and they are still seeing the original charge on their bank statement, they should reach out to their bank for more information.

Updated on: 02/28/2024

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