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New Fygaro Shops Editor Experience

Build web pages without coding with our new visual editor

Fygaro Shops has been updated with you in mind. Now it is much easier than ever before and you have more options to customize your page and give it your unique differentiating touch.

This guide will show you what each function does and will help make it easier for you to create your website intuitively.

Step 1. Activate Shops

If you haven't activated Shops yet, you must follow the activation steps. Here we share the tutorial: Activate Fygaro Shops.

Step 2. Select the page to create/update.

When you enter the "My Store" module and then select "Pages", you will see a list from which you can select any of your created pages or create a new one. By clicking on the one of your choice, you will see that the experience has changed introducing many new options.

To view the page settings, click the "Edit" icon next to your page name.

If you want the page to be published on your website, you must select the "Active" checkbox and then save.
If you want that page to be the main or Home Page, check the "Home Page" checkbox and then click Save.
The "Description" field is for internal use only, while the "Title" will be the name that will appear in the navigation of the website.

Now that you have the name of your page and its preferences ready, we can continue to create or update its content:

Step 3. Customize the content

The landscape icon (top left) will allow you to select a background photo for your column. Each column can have its personalized background photo (TIP: if you want a fixed color, you can upload a photo with the color and place it as a background)

The icon that follows (link) will allow you to place a link over the entire column, so that if a visitor clicks on any part (even the blank spaces) they will be taken to the destination you select.

The system will present you with 2 link options:

Internal Link: allows you to select resources from your Fygaro page, such as products, categories, among others.

External Link: you can enter a web address or URL of your choice.

Within the editable area you can modify the font (Title of different sizes, Italics, underline, etc.), as well as the alignment of the text.

Add buttons

You can add buttons within your sections (as many as you want) simply by selecting a text in the box and then clicking on the "**btn**" option. The system will open a pop-up window where you choose whether you want to add an internal link or an external link to it.

These "Buttons" can be used as "Calls to Action" and take the visitor to a section of your page, an external resource, schedule a call or whatever else you need.

Box Options

The New Visual Editor allows you to choose the box format that best suits your products or business model. You can have as many as you need, repeat them and reorder them as needed.

You can choose between: one column, two, three, four and banner.

TIP: if you select the option "2 Columns" the system will allow you to configure the width of each one, so you can vary the style and space at your discretion.

The "Banner" type allows you to place a background image that will always be complete, regardless of the type of device or screen size.

Regardless of which option is chosen, a background image can be selected with the difference that the system will seek to "cover" the entire space instead of "show" the entire image.

Check the size recommendations for your gear.

Image and content galleries

We have also added the option to create multiple slides within the same frame. To enable it select the third icon and then use the option "+" to add or "-" to remove.

Each "View" will have the option of having its own background image, text, and even buttons.

Content Spacing (Padding)

On each row of content you will have a setting option. In it you can adjust the location of the text within the box to leave more or less space between the content and its upper or lower section.

Re-order content

The arrows next to each row allow you to easily sort your squares according to your preference; or delete a row entirely.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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