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Optimize Images

Web pages are all about images, and optimization is a key to their success. This tutorial provides you the tools to make the most out of your shops experience:

If you want to upload your images to Fygaro, either for a product or for your website, we share here recommendations and requirements to help you:


Product images must meet the following requirements: -Minimum size: 400w x 400h pixels -Recommended size 800w x 600h pixels and 800w x 800h pixels.-We recommend using 72 DPI resolution.-Maximum weight 2MB

Web page

The images for the website must meet the following requirements:

Minimum size: 600 pixels wide

Banner 1,400 x 200 pixels

Slider and Center Content 1,200 x 600 pixels

3 item: 680 x 400 pixels

4 itme 568 x 560 pixels

Left and Right Image 1440 x 800 pixels

Recommended size: 1,200px wide. (The height can be according to need, minimum recommended 300px)

We recommend using 72 DPI resolution and a maximum weight of 2.5MB

Updated on: 03/09/2023

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