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Update inventory from Excel

This article will help you update your inventories (stocks) from an Excel

In Fygaro you can update your product inventory from an Excel template, following the steps that are explained below.

You can download the Excel template here.

Step 1. Go into Settings > Import > Product Inventory.

Step 2. Download the Excel template on the "Download Excel" button.

Step 3. Complete the Excel template with the requested data.

Please make sure that you have already created the products and inventories (warehouses) that you want to configure.
Each row represents the quantity of a Product that will be allocated in an Inventory.
Important: Please take into account that we will set the value of the selected quantity to the inventory, it is not added to the current value (if there is - that is, the information in stock is replaced).

Step 4. Upload the completed Excel Template.

Updated on: 09/07/2023

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