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Send Notification Copies in BCC

Get a copy of all invoices and quotes to your own inbox.

If you wish to verify that your client is receiving the documents correctly, Fygaro offers the possibility of sending a hidden copy of the invoices to an email address of your choice.

In the same way, we remind you that Fygaro tells you when the client sees the document, with an eye symbol next to the name of the client in the list of Invoices.

To access this function of Fygaro, you just have to enter the Settings module > Company > Billing and select the option of Add Email in the field entitled “BCC All Invoices”.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that when you activate this function and you open the emails, in Fygaro the invoices will appear as views.

Remember to use the "Save" option so that changes are recorded and applied for future documents.

Updated on: 03/09/2023

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