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Sales Tips for this Holiday Season

Our quick guide to increase your sales on social media with e-commerce tools

This year, buying gifts online will become the best option because of social distancing.

It will be essential to grow and maintain a presence on social networks so that these purchases are done in your business.

Today we share with you a series of proven recommendations for you to increase your online presence and achieve more direct sales on your social networks.

Get it right, and you'll get buyers who turn into loyal customers!

**How to Holiday on Social Media**

Start by booking at least 12 days before each holiday and create at least one holiday post per day that includes your Payment Button.

The goal here is to give buyers a reason to frequently visit and interact with your accounts.

The payment button will allow you to go from simple likes and interested parties to sales, at any time of the day - even while you sleep!


First, make sure your Social Profile is ready for the season and that you have created the Payment Buttons needed to close more sales. (click here to learn how to create payment buttons).

Dress your Payment Buttons with images and promotions for a holiday spirit. Remember to update your product descriptions and have all up to date!

Once this is ready, it’s time to spread the word around.

Make my Products and / or Services known

**Feature your products**

Try to showcase your products using a holiday decor and use cases. The idea is to help customers imagine the experience of using/owning the product.

Tip: Don't forget to use captions and product tags that help convert shoppers (think of this as the descriptions on a restaurant menu that make you crave all of the dishes).

**Start a Sales Campaign**

Consumers are waiting for the seasonal sales, and we must be honest: Who does not like a good offer?

Entice your audience with deals that are hard to resist. Implement popular hashtags or create your own to have organic traffic and motivate shares. 

Tip: Communicate a sense of urgency to your customers to improve performance. Ideas such as having a limited time or quantities will help your customers decide to buy at that moment, instead of continuing to compare with other providers.

**Create a Contest or Giveaway**

If you are looking to increase the number of followers or grow your database, giveaways are an excellent tool to implement.

Offer an incredible prize and define the goals you want to achieve (ex: increase followers, share the publication of a particular item, etc).

Based on your goals, define the instructions to stay participating in the draw. The requirements can be from the simplest - I like it, share, etc. - to more complex, such as having made a purchase in December.

Tip: For a successful raffle, it is very important to balance the value of the prize with the difficulty of participating (the more complex to participate, the better the reward should be).

**Repost User Content**

If you have customers sharing their experiences with your products, share them on your social channels.

This will increase confidence for new buyers, increase your customers loyalty, and get more customers to share their experience.

Tip: If your customers are sharing comments or experiences of your business, ask them to include the tag or link to the business, that will make it easier for new customers to find you.

**Behind the Scenes**

Reveal parts of your internal eCommerce business, like packaging process.

Take a photo of your preparation process, or boxes ready to ship (or new merchandise just arriving). Take advantage to share about your company, team and origin.

Tip: There is no better way to create a connection than to see the human side of each organization or venture

**Reverse Unboxing**

Share video of your preparation process. Film your team speaking with customers over the phone, assembling an order, all the way to sending it with your courier partner.

For a cool effect, you can try a time-lapse effect or some other video editing features. 

**Stay seasonal**

Pretty easy! Keep things fun and with holiday spirits. Share your adorned payment buttons, dressed up team members, or holiday-related memes and content.

Good vibes attract!

General recommendations

Post to your account frequently so there is new content every time they visit.
Update your bio to include your open checkout button or a link to your website, as well as any current brand or sales hashtags.
Only incorporate trends that suit your business and stay on trend.
Engage your followers: Ask questions, create polls, respond to their comments.
Be yourself and have fun with the process.

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Updated on: 03/09/2023

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