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Create a Fygaro Wallet Account

Fygaro Wallet Explained

Express Checkout in-Store and Online
Allows you to securely store your payment information for express checkout.

Fygaro Wallet allows purchasing from any Fygaro merchant by securely storing your tokenized payment details and allowing for easy payment at thousands of Fygaro Merchants across 30+ jurisdictions.

With Wallet, a payment is as simple as confirming your selected card, and done!

How to create my account

Creating a Fygaro Wallet account is very easy, and will save you countless time in the future by providing an express checkout experience at any Fygaro Checkout.

Start by selecting "Fygaro Wallet" in the checkout page.

Pay with Wallet

Then click on the "Create Account" option shown on the emerging window as shown below:

to Wallet Account
If you had previously created a Fygaro or Wallet account, you can choose to sign-in instead.

Complete the requested information (this is a 1 time process, that will autocomplete on future checkouts):

Create Wallet Account

Done! You are now ready to save your card and then use it with 1 click in future checkouts

Updated on: 08/30/2023

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