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Responding to a chargeback

As the merchant, you can either accept the chargeback or dispute it. Accepting the chargeback means that the funds remain with your customer. If you have documents to prove the validity of the payment, in most cases you can dispute it through your merchant Bank.

If you believe a chargeback to be unjustified, we recommend you dispute it. A win, or partial win, will improve your chargeback ratio and help to protect the integrity of your merchant account.

Important: Many banks / payment networks require you to submit your evidence documents in English.

Timeframe to dispute a chargeback

Next to the chargeback reason, you should be provided with the deadline for filing a dispute. After this date, the chargeback becomes final and you will no longer have the option to dispute.

Important: Fygaro is not liable for chargebacks incurred while using our platform. The outcome of a chargeback dispute is not determined by Fygaro, but by the issuer banks and payment networks involved. Please contact your Acquiring Bank for more details on the process.

Don’t agree? Dispute the chargeback

A chargeback isn’t always fairly filed against a merchant. If you have proof that the payment is valid, you should file a dispute.

Get organized: prepare for a dispute by gathering all your documents. Note that they should be in English, as required by most banks that process chargebacks. They should be readable as well, so try to only include high-quality images and documents.

If you’re sending multiple files, make sure to first gathered and compress them into a single file. These may include:

- Proof of delivery
- Invoices and receipts
- Customer communications
- Photos showing the customer using the product
- Your business’ Terms and Conditions
- Your rebuttal letter

For more details on the process, please contact your Acquiring Bank.

Updated on: 01/08/2024

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